We invite you to join us for a summer school entitled ‘Europeanization of the Western Balkans’, which
will be held at the International University of Sarajevo from June 27 to July 1.
The program will be beneficial to all students who are interested in international politics, economics,
and regional integration of the Western Balkans.
The program is interdisciplinary, will be taught by several expert instructors from Bosnia and
Herzegovina and the EU, and covers historical, political, economic, and social aspects of the transition
process. From these perspectives, we will critically examine the current situation and the reform
challenges facing the region.
Participants will all receive a certificate of attendance. Participants are expected to write a short essay at
the end of the program, which will be published on the project website.
After successful completion of the summer school, the students will be able to understand the EU
enlargement policy – past and present; to critically evaluate benefits and effectiveness of integration
and transition; and to discuss the various obstacles facing the Western Balkan region on the way
towards the EU.
The deadline for applying is June 24, 2022.
The participation in the summer school is free of charge.
To apply for summer school, please send your CV to dzsiljak@ius.edu.ba. `